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Hey thanks so much for uploading this! As I’ve said elsewhere, this is my perfect setup. I leave my RPi 2 running constantly for Kodi, and every now and again I’ll want to boot into RetroPie for gaming, so this is perfect.

At the moment I’m only using a small-ish 8GB SD card for storage, but it’s fine because all my media is on a local NAS drive.

The one issue I’ve had (which I’m looking into by installing this updated version now) is that for some reason, after an hour or so of use, my RPi seems to start slowing down/lagging incredibly, until I reboot it and then it’s fine again for another hour or so…. Any ideas why? Could it be the SD card?

Also, if I want to change the Kodi skin, is there still an easy way to access a power menu to boot into the other system and vice versa? I think a previous version I installed I was able to ‘exit’ the Kodi app and it would automatically reboot into RetroPie, but somehow on this version I’m missing that menu.

I’m going to try this latest version (v8) and report back… it may well have solved all these issues 🙂

Thanks again Steve!!

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