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O.K. so I’m new to Linux and the whole retropie installation. I have been working to get my XBOX one controller working as well and I have put more hours into it than is probably healthy. I will share what I know with you and maybe someone who is more knowledgable can fill in the gaps for us:

Your new version of the controller will work with the RetroPie only if you are running the old version of the kernel, or at least version 4.1.13. I have tested on this one and have played games with it. You have to update the headers after installation and install the newest version of XPAD to get it to work though. As soon as you update to 4.1.17 the functionality breaks and you will go back to slow starts and hanging at reboot. Here are the steps that I used to achieve my working controller:

Headers download page can be found here but the only ones that will work are the 4.1.13 flavor

Link to newest XPAD installation

sudo apt-get install dkms (type y at prompt)
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.1.13-v7+_4.1.13-v7+-2_armhf.deb
sudo git clone /usr/src/xpad-0.4
sudo dkms install -m xpad -v 0.4
sudo reboot

I got most of my info from HERE but the steps in his solution did not entirely work for me so I had to suss out my own.

I am new to this so I’m not sure why the newest version will not support what the old version did but if someone who knows more about these things could help we might be on the path to a solution. In the meantime, if you want to try this out you just have to remember not to update or upgrade.

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