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this is a good idea! right now lr-mame2003 has a few issues:
– the hotkey (typically ‘select’ button) conflicts with insert coin (typically ‘select’ button) meaning the latter often doesn’t work (see
– it is impossible to rebind buttons without also rebinding the core retroarch gui buttons. eg, if you change the A button to do something else than the default, then it will no longer be the ‘confirm’ button in retroarch (see, which makes using the RGUI difficult.

in theory you could use per-game .cfg files to correct the key mapping for those games, and also disable the hotkey, and just do without save states/the RGUI (neither or which i need), solving both problems.

but then i’ve thought of a problem – you’d not be able to exit the game without a hotkey 🙁 i think you can bind exit to a single button, but i don’t like that either (easy to do it by accident). dang…