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Ok, nearly there! Playing around with arcade roms at the moment – as MAME4All won’t work I’m trying NeoGeo, but some don’t work. I’ll try that Clrmamepro program at some point.

9. I was trying to set Select as Insert Coin through RetroArch, but now I’ve lost the ability to quit roms with Select + Start. I’ve tried to get it back with the input menu on RetroArch but I’ve only managed to make Select quit. How do I get Select + Start back to quit a rom?

10. Scummvm – I renamed the menu’s display name for some games (Metadata – i.e. the menu within EmulationStation) and it saves but on reboot they changed back. Can I make these permanent? Not a huge problem, I can just leave them as they are, or the user can just load up ScummVM itself.

11. Let’s say I want to get another Pi and put the current contents on (or make a backup), could I create an image through Win 32 Disk Imager? (The one I used to put the RetroPie one on)

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