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I am having some trouble with RetroPie. I have a Logitech Rumblepad II controller and a Keysonic RF Keyboard.

When first booted RetroPie it would say controller recognised and let me configure it, now the buttons no longer work and when I boot RetroPie I cannot configure the controller as I no longer get an option to do so. I have tried plugging in a keyboard as well but nothing on the keyboard is recognised until I hit F4 which quits RetroPie to a terminal, then the keyboard works as expected?

The reason I need both a controller and a Keyboard is because I am mainly interested in Amiga Games and to get the ROMs loaded at the Kickstart Menu you need a keyboard?

How do I setup up my RetroPie to use a controller and a Keyboard.

I was using a PiZero with a USB Hub but am also trying a Pi Model B (Same SD Card).

From my current experience I have not had a problem with the keyboard. I don’t believe there is any setup requited. When your on the Amiga Emulator just press the Alt and CTRL keys on your keyboard. I think you will find that these both are things your looking for. One of them switches between mouse and controller.

Hope this helps. Also it doesn’t hurt to make a hardfile with WHDLoad installed almost every game in existence is available for download pre-configured. They still sell the registration for that. I’m a registered member. Love it on my Emus and all my Amiga’s

If theres more to explain or if I just didn’t understand your questions well let me know.


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