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1. Tonight I built a splash screen, put it onto my USB stick and put it into the Pi. I booted up, the Snes option is still missing and the RetroPie sub-menu is back to single words – see attachment.

Restarted without USB stick in, same. Ran RP setup – binary installer… then after a restart it is now behaving. This seems really strange. Am I getting something wrong or does the SD card seem faulty? I still have rom files deleted in File Manager that appear on the menu’s. I’m selecting them, F8 – ok and when I finish I press F10 to exit. Hmmm.

looks like there’s an outstanding issue with the USB transfer here:

i can’t explain your other issue. i’ve never deleted roms from the file manager, but you can use command line to find out exactly what is in these folders. just go

cd /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes

then you should get a list of everything in the snes folder (change snes to whatever system you’re deleting from). if file manager isn’t deleting things properly then i guess it has a bug, assuming you’re deleting them from the directory above?

8. try it with someone elses splash video (eg one of the ones you’ve seen working online). if that works then it must be how you’ve encoded it.

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