I then ran apt-get update/upgrade

Thats different than updating the setup script

And in my former post I misspoke, rather partial support was added from a different xboxdrv repo. I don’t have the hardware to test it so I can’t verify its success rate, I’ve only perused the code.

Opps, I forgot to mention that I updated the setup script too. What repo did you get the xboxdrv from?

I saw it in another post and confirmed it yesterday… the newer xboxone controllers with the headphone jack don’t properly work. I also have an older xboxone controller and it worked great.

I have an older Xbox One controller (apparently it referred to as model 1537)

Back in november microsoft released a firmware update for the newer xboxone controllers. I wonder if rolling back the update might solve the issue. However, if you still use the controllers for your xboxone this might not be the best decision.

I did recently update the controller. I have 2 of them and rarely play my xbox one anymore so I can dedicate one to the RetroPie. Any idea how to roll it back?

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