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i’m not sure i understand this. you don’t need to see the SD card file structure on windows if you’re doing the USB method – (reiterating the video) you put the USB in the pi whilst retropie is running, and it will create a folder structure. connect the USB to your pc then put the roms in the relevant directories on the USB, and then you put it in the pi and it will transfer everything to your SD card. you never need to access the SD card on your PC.

I’ve got it now, thank you – I was getting myself mixed up on the Transferring Roms page where it seemed to list 4 methods, but ‘USB’ and ‘Manually copy files from USB-stick’ seem to be the same process.

Ok, here’s where I’m up to. I’ve been adding more roms, got ScummVM working (I guess we’ll find out if she likes adventure games like Fate of Atlantis…) and added some more roms.

1. File issues are re-occurring.

Last night everything was working fine. Tonight I copied over a second bunch of snes roms but they don’t appear – in fact Snes has totally disappeared from RetroPie now. They’re definitely there on the system SD card. Space is 953M / 7337M. I’ve restarted without my USB stick in and re-ran expand file system but it’s the same.

In my Genesis, I’ve deleted some roms, but they still appear in the RetroPie UI and can be loaded…?! I’m back to the problem with my original build where files aren’t being refreshed.

4. Removing emulators – this has re-occurred. I’ve went to opt/retropie/roms and moved folders to /unused in the same location, restart Pi but a number of emulators are still on RetroPie. I wonder if this is part of #1.

7. N64 performance is poor. Lots of slow down and stuttering music. Any suggestions? I’m on a Raspberry Pi 2 so I’d have thought it would be better.

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