Reply To: My Theme



I really like the look of this! If I didn’t have 9 different systems’ worth of games I’d download this theme, without you adding other systems my setup would be lots of white screens :(

As for the bottom left, a small box with the metadata? e.g. Publisher, Developer etc?


Haha yeah it is a bit of setup, but the nice thing is you can set it up and pick away at it without having the white screens, you’d just have a lot of blank screen caps once you create the basic layout.

Yeah I’ve had the metadata stuff in the past, but with the way I create my XML file using Excel, I would have to manually insert all that data as well, or maybe run the scraper and then figure a way to insert it using Excel, just a lot of extra time for stuff that isn’t necessarily that important to me, but yeah who knows, I feel I need something in the dead space.

We’ll see how it goes.

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