Reply To: BBCB Emulator on Retropie



LOL my solution is cool as hell. First I installed FAPGand ran it against a folder on the HDDattached to my pi that happens to contain a copy of my mp3 collection to create an m3u playlist containing everything.

Then I edited /opt/retropie/configs/beebem/emulators.cfg to look like the following (I kept the old musicless one in there just because):

beebem-0.0.13="/home/pi/.beebem/beebem-0.0.13/src/beebem %ROM%"
beebem-0.0.13-music="/opt/retropie/configs/beebem/ %ROM%"

Next I created a file called in /opt/retropie/configs/beebem which contains this script:

mpg123 -z -@ /home/pi/playlist.m3u &
/home/pi/.beebem/beebem-0.0.13/src/beebem $ROM
sudo killall mpg123

Now, my mpg123 will play random mp3s out of my collection while I’m playing BBC Micro. The music stops when I stop the emulator.

^^ my other hobby

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