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That’s awesome! Maybe you can help me. I’m new to the Rasberry Pi world and never heard of these things until I ran across a local guy that sells them ready to use as an arcade system with usb snes controllers and pre-loaded with thousands of old games. It is a Pi 2. It appears he used RetroPie. I know nothing about modifying these things or typing commands or scripts. I decided I want to be able to use my Logitech Harmony remote to power on/off the Pi system with the rest of my entertainment stuff. (And/or also a physical power button on the Pi would be helpful) I ran across the RemotePi add on board which is exactly what I wanted and I ordered one. I had the belief that all I had to do was attach the add on board and I was done aside from having the unit learn my selected remote button. Now I’m seeing that I may need to install a shutdown script. Can someone tell me if I really need to install a shutdown script or is it already done? At the main menu when playing the Pi I can press the start button and there is an option to power off already.

Now, since I’m a noob to this techy stuff…if I need to install something. How do I go about doing it? Ethernet hooked to my router or Windows computer? I’m sorry I’m so needy but I would love to learn more about this and am seeking kind support from you. Thanks in advance.

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