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Hi Floob,

Thanks very, very much for the reply. However, I’m still a little stuck…

1. Ok, so I can’t do the first USB method as I’m in Windows (So, as you said, there’s only the 56MB partition available)

A. FTP method:

RetroPie – ifconfig: (responds to ping)

My Plus Net router: (doesn’t respond to ping)

Device comes up as ‘not currently connected’. Any ideas? Would I have to allow access on my router by default? I’ll spend

some time googling this… (Note to self: )

B. “Manually copy files from USB-stick” method

I’ve eventually got this working (Copy /media/usb stuff to /retropie/emulators), though FTP would be damn easier.

For GBA, I’ve copied the gba.bin over to the opt/retropie/bios folder as per this guide:

But selecting a game leads to a ‘no space left on device’ message. I’ve deleted a few sizeable ROMs and ran the expand file system from the menu again, but this keeps appearing..? It occasionally happens when I go into File Manager too. Any ideas?

4. Removing Emulators – I’ve deleted folders from /opt/retropie/roms and /emulators but they’re still appearing on the menu after a restart? I’ve tested removing my USB transfer stick too (i.e. just the system SD card is in) but it’s the same.

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