Reply To: PiFBA won't run compatible games



I’ve also tried lr-fba-next but it automatically quits, even when using the right romset.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems like everyone loves PiFBA and they do say that they work fine in the list so I must be doing something wrong. I’m putting the .zip files in the FBA folder. My Pi2B is overclocked to the Pi2 setting. I am using the latest update of Retropie. This seems to be limited to Capcom as games from other companies work fine.

first things that spring to mind:
– Pi2 overclock setting is incredibly aggressive in terms of SDRAM speed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s causing issues. there’s issues logged against this but the raspi-config project seems dead.
– i use fba-next fine. you must be using the wrong romset or some other issue.
– i personally run all those games fine in lr-mame2003 (needs a different romset, of course), so i can’t confirm if they work in pifba, but at least some of them are confirmed as ok on

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