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3.4 has been out a wee while now.

Changes since 3.3

Now using Raspbian Jessie for the RetroPie image.

Fixes for controller input issues with RetroArch including improved config generation to work around problems with 8bitdo controllers.

Fixed up Bluetooth pairing module on Jessie.

Improvements to the Xbox userspace driver (xboxdrv) including partial support of Xbox One controller.

Can now choose to exit or restart Emulation Station. Metadata will no longer be lost if choosing to shutdown or reboot.

Preliminary support for using the RetroPie-Setup script on x86 + X11 on Debian/Ubuntu and Ubuntu on the Odroid-C1 (building from source only).

$HOME/.emulationstation has relocated to /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation – but is symlinked from the original location. The USB Rom Service script will backup all of /opt/retropie/configs to USB. Previously it only backed up /$HOME/.emulationstation.

Support for choosing RetroArch shaders and overlays from the RetroPie-Setup configuration editor.

Added pixel theme from Rookervik to theme installer.

Wonderswan and NeoGeo Pocket separated into Wonderswan/Wonderswan Colour, NeoGeo Pocket/NeoGeo Pocket Colour.

Various other bugfixes and improvements.