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Well, I like to try stuff too, but always having to switch between monitors and keyboards, forwards and backwards and it’s not working .. it’s wearing me out and dampens the mood ^^

Btw … it still didn’t work. The file is still 0 byte and the settings don’t get saved even though a VICE message pops up when I do ingame. After a restart the gamepad is again useless.

All this owner settings paranoia stuff is so not my thing. :)

The only thing I can come up with in that case is that perhaps your config file is pointing to another place. Because that sounds like exactly what was happening to me before I created the joystick file. Let me ask you this first though, are you saving both the specific joystick settings and the general settings? (both options are on the same menu)

The other thing you could check, is that there is another file in the /opt/retropie/configs/c64 folder. It’s the config file for VICE. There are a crap ton of options in there, but one of them is pointing to the location of the joystick config file. Perhaps that is pointing to a different location? Be careful, there are different joystick files for the various VICE emulators.

P.S. Is your homepage down or do you have a typo in the link?

It shouldn’t be down. It’s showing up on my end. However, wordpress wouldn’t allow a link, it’s just plain text in my sig.
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