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Yea, that’s awesome that Herb will be writing a script. A libretro port would be really nice [as well as intellivision]

Labelwhore, could you (or anybody) tell me where the file to configure ES to point to coolcv when launching the roms? Also, where did you have to put the BIOS?


I had to add a section in es_systems.cfg for colecovision. I just copied one that was for another system. for the _SYS_ blah piece, just put in _SYS_ coleco or something like that. Then you’ll need to create a folder in /opt/retropie/configs named exactly as that variable in es_systems.cfg, so in this case name it coleco.

Then inside that folder, you’ll need a emulators.cfg file. You can actually just copy one from another system and modify it. I used intellivision, since there is only one intellevision emulator, just like coleco. It’s in that file that you need to add the path to coolcv and any command line options. This way you get all the functionality or the runcommand script.

There is a quick an dirty way too though. That way, you just need to edit es_systems.cfg and put the entire command line in place of the _SYS_ blah section. So replace everything between the command tags, but leaving the %ROM%.

As for the BIOS, I believe I just stuck it in the folder with the emulator, but I’d have to take a look. I’m not at home now.
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