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Hello there.

Yes I would have to mirror what Candyluv says to be honest – I just can’t seem to get away with the Confluence skin anymore and also would not say the ‘Aeon’ skin was ugly or that people are unfamiliar with it (it’s a very popular skin) – I think it’s a big improvement over Confluence (I have tried XConfluence too). I am aware of the ‘Advanced Launcher’ addon and I used to use that on my first ever builds, however I much prefer the integration of a custom script direct in the home menu and I feel it leaves less room for errors not having to rely on a third party addon (I may be wrong but I think advance launcher is no longer in active development?). To each their own of course and I understand not everyone has the same taste! In fact I have recently switched skins to Artic Zephyr after a recommendation from a friend and I am quite taken with it. In my future builds I may offer a couple of options for skins to cater for personal taste (if I ever get my Linux problems sorted on my laptop 🙁 ), but I need to test that KODI keeps the skin setup saved for each whether they are in use or not (I’m assuming it will). And as for the ‘Launch RetroPie’ sub-menu – that was indeed deliberate, to prevent accidental pressing of the ‘Games’ button. I personally like it this way but will share instructions for those who wish to change it but don’t know how. As for Jarvis – I will make a build as soon as a stable release comes out, but at the moment Helix is running perfect for me and I am not a fan of running non-stable builds.

In regards to Dreamcast & Saturn emulation – there should be no reason why they won’t work, providing you have installed them from the RetroPie Setup Script? At the time I put out the last build, both Dreamcast and Saturn were still in ‘Experimental’, and therefore you won’t find the rom folders present as standard but there is nothing stopping you installing them manually (I already made themes for them, along with everything else that was available at the time).

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