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Ok, I got it to work .. still a few issues, but I can play SHAMUS now.

For everyone who is interested and also a novice, here is how to do it:

– copy your VIC20-cartridge rom via network into the c64 directory under ROMS
– reset emulationstation
– in the c64 part of Emulationstation highlight the game
– press and hold any key on your keyboard and press START on your controller
– in the menu that now pops up (this is the “Runcommand” menu) choose option 2 and tell it to pick “xvic” as emulator for this rom
– start the game .. it will fail to load, as it will be loaded as a disc image
– press start on your controller and in that menu configure the memory expansion and joystick settings
– then you need to attach the catridge (first option on the top) and make your way through the directories until you find /home/pi/RetroPie/roms … there is your VIC 20 catridge file
– then go to RESET and perform a SOFT RESET

The game will start and is playable via controller.

There is an option to save your settings but it doesn’t seem to work properly. It only saves the amount of memory expansion you chose, not the joystick settings and not the cartridge you chose. You will have to set those options every time you want to play.

But .. it’s working and that’s what matters! 🙂

For future editions of Retropie it would be nice to have a seperate VIC 20 directory under ROMS and an extra entry in Emulationstation for the VIC 20 … and maybe the option to save all settings, not only a few.

But for now, I am happy … topic resovled, thank you ^^

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