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In regards to my setup, I don’t have a power switch that shuts down the Pi, but I always shut it down by selecting ‘Shutdown’ in the ES menu. The Pi is plugged into a power bar as the only device, and I turn the power bar off after the Pi has finished its shutdown sequence. Then I just flip the power bar switch back on when I want to turn the Pi on again. There were a few instances however where the Pi froze where I wasn’t even able to SSH into it in order to execute a proper shutdown sequence so I was forced to flip the power switch. I’m guessing this is what caused it, but I don’t know of any other way to safely turn it off when this occurs as I don’t have a reset switch hooked up. Any other suggestions for a safe shutdown in this circumstances?

In regards to the currently corrupted SD card, is there any software (preferably on a mac) that I can use to check the integrity of the SD card after re-formatting, kind of like what you would do on a hard drive when checking for bad sectors?

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