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“This is accessed by pressing any key on the keyboard”

I did and nothing happened! Took me half an hour to find out that you should press any key TOGETHER with the start button on your gamepad, not instead. 🙂

The emulator is indeed there, wow … but as soon as I told the thingy to start the game with the correct one, the next problem came up … more than one actually:

1. The game needs a memory expension … which I found in the options menu could be given to it, but I doubt it makes much sense to try to load a game that’s too huge and afterwards plug in the memory expansion.

2. The emulator automatically trys to load the game like a disc image ,8,1-style, but it is a cartridge which needs a reset to start. I found RESET as an option in the menu, but it didn’t start the game, because of the disc loading thingy.

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