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there is still one problem for controllers with several modes like my 8Bitdo NES30 or the FC30 on the Jessie plattform:

there are two relevant modes for retropie:

1. Keyboard Mode Start+B (Controller 1), Start+B+R (Controller 2).
Registered as: “8Bitdo NES GamePad”
This mode is important for certain non-retroarch based emulators like VICE.

2. GamePad Mode Start+R (both Controllers)
Registered as: 8Bitdo NES30 GamePad Joystick
For Retroarch based controls

The MAC-Addresses of each controller varies depending on the connected mode. So if I establish all conntections for both my controllers (2x Keyboard mode MAC-Address A,B and 2x GamePad mode with MAC Address C,D) I would see all 4 registered devices in the retropie-setup menu. Unfortunately after reboot only the mode I registered last (via would try to connect. I can always reproduce this by deleting the last registered connection and re-register via another mode.

For Wheezy I wrote a script that would simply auto-connect, depending on the MAC address provided: #64

but that doesn’t work for the later Jessie plattform due to different connecting approach I guess.

Any ideals how to make it possible to auto-connect in both modes?

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