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Hey Smithers! I love the V8 RetroPie+OpenELEC dualboot package you made. I’ve install it on every raspberry pi I come in contact to.

As you are aware the 1.0 Jarvis release is coming out soon. So I’m hoping an update to your dual boot package will come soon after. I’m sure retropie has some nice updates since the november package also.

I’m not a fan of the default aeon skin you used, that was needed for the retropie launcher. So I looked into the matter of getting a seamless “GAMES” option from the home menu and launch retropie from the confluence skin… and I was successful! Besides the fact that I prefer the confluence skin, I feel the way I launch to retropie is even better than the method you included (since you had to press down to actually launch the submenu, not sure if this was by design so people wouldnt accidently launch retropie? either way I didnt like the way you couldnt directl launch from the games button) On my setup you can launch directly from the GAMES button. I know I’m not alone in preferring the stock confluence skin, so you should consider including the tweaked version that allows launching RetroPie from the home menu.

To launch retropie from confluence you need…


Advanced Launcher


Xonfluence is amazing, Its completely stock confluence, but with the option to tweak almost anything about the skin from entirely in the skin settings menu (no tinkering with xml’s required). The most valuable function is to allow a seamless RetroPie launch from the home screen, but you can do many more tweaks to the skin if desired. The only catch is the guy that works on it is only supporting the latest version of kodi, meaning Jarvis required. Hence why I cant wait for your next dualboot package which will include the jarvis build of kodi. So I go to this topic in hopes of a new release almost daily lol.

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