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@hobbswon Yes, I skipped the L2 and R2 when I set mine, so that difference shouldn’t matter. Is there only one file in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads ?

When you say the settings “totally screw my controls” what do you mean? None of them respond? Are you turning the FC30 Pro on just with the Power button as opposed to any button combo?

@pausuri – No, but you can find it here. Just turn the SFC30 on with Start+R

I’d just rip out the relevant codes and edit your existing file rather than use that file.

Yes, starting with POWER only

No also in the retroarch-joypad folder is


USBgamepad.cfg is a generic 2-button NES clone that I used to inititally navigate the ES menu

Here is that config file

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