Reply To: Retropie 4



Man, compared to just a few versions ago it is mostly automated. It is staggering to me to see how far retropie has come in the last year in terms of ease of use. I feel new users are too lucky!

I am always astounded by people who want to have gaming setups but refuse to do any legwork. I have been active in Hyperspin for several years and you want to talk about a beast to setup if you are new, it takes the cake. But the payoff is worth it and that is why the community grows there and why the community grows here, so that people can help one another and learn and pass along suggestions and ideas. It is easy to get frustrated but try not to take it out on the people here who are here to help you on their time and for free.

I always tell people if you are unwilling or unable to set one up then go buy them, they are out there in abundance. Or, get an original xbox and run coinops. As long as the xbox is modded, coinops works as soon as you install it. No real setup needed.

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