Reply To: Retropie 4



I and a few others spend a good portion of our free time working to make retropie better (you have me to thank for almost all the documentation. You’re welcome) and if you would take a second to read the documentation you could have your pi set up in under an hour. On top of all the work we do (in our free time for free) we give it to you for free.

You could try some gratitude and be grateful the pi (and retropie project) is giving you an opportunity to learn new things. The pi was never designed to be an easy out of the box solution. The whole reason it was invented was so that people could learn how to use Linux and program. If anything we’ve done people a disservice by making it so easy.

If you want an easy out of the box solution you are better off looking somewhere else (and if so be prepared to spend a bunch of money).

And for the record I’d never touched linux I my life prior to a year ago, and if we wanted exclusivity we would not have made retropie free nor opensourced our code.

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