Reply To: Retropie 4



Lol webhead none of this is hard to do, if you would spend just a tiny amount of time to figure it out, just like everything else in life, it would be nothing.

Are there automatic shoe lace tie ers? Or did you learn to do that yourself?

Do we have hoverchairs carrying us around since we were infants? Or did we learn to walk?

It really isnt hard at all webhead. If you think it is you should try to set up hyperspin or a retroarch build on pc that isnt already configured for you.

These guys have already done a ton of work making it extremely user friendly. Keeping it exclusive would be making you compile everything yourself from terminal on a stock build of raspbian. As it stands now you basically drag and drop roms, run an auto scraper, pick some stuff with a keypress, and boom its set up. How much easier do you want it?