Reply To: SNES emulator issues



I have used the SNES fine on my Raspberry Pi B – do you have a sufficient PSU ? Overclocking ? Which games in particular – are some ok and some not ?

If you give me a specific example I can check on my set up.

I was using a 5v 1A power supply, I switched to a 2A one but didn’t notice much difference.
I have it set on the “Modest” overclock setting.

Super Mario World runs decently on some levels with lr-armsnes, (they were all horrible with lr-pocketsnes) but on some levels like the castle and Ghost House, things get a bit laggy.
I also tried Yoshi’s Island, but it lags and the audio is terrible right when the opening video pops up.

I’m using a SanDisk 16GB class 4 card, so I don’t think that’s an issue. I’ve tried changing a ton of settings, re-flashing the image, etc.

I realize the Pi B is outdated, but I’ve seen several YouTube videos of people playing without an issue.