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ok, so FINALLY, I made lr-fba WORK! woohooo! (GNGEO was still producing some errors and decided to try fba as suggested by other users)
I guess it supports more games that gngeopi or whatever, just though it would be easier to use the retroarch config…

so I tried running a game, and of course the button I use for credits on mame just won’t work… opened retroarch.cfg file for this emulator (neogeo) and it was empty, as it loads the default ALL cfg.

so I opened the ALL systems retroarch.cfg and it was a mess. I couldn’t find a “coin” button there, nor how to link each control to my joysticks…

This is the gngeopi cfg for both joysticks (about coin, only player 1 has that button (J0B13), as I only use 1 coin button, player 2 has a different one to avoid adding 2 coins each time I pressed it)
menu player 1 (J0B8) is “select” and menu player 2 (J0B9) is “start” buttons.

p1control A=J0B0,B=J0B1,C=J0B2,D=J0B3,START=J0B7,COIN=J0B13,UP=J0a1,DOWN=J0a1,LEFT=J0A0,RIGHT=J0A0,MENU=J0B8
p2control A=J1B0,B=J1B1,C=J1B2,D=J1B3,START=J1B7,COIN=J1B13,UP=J1a1,DOWN=J1a1,LEFT=J1A0,RIGHT=J1A0,MENU=J0B9

can anybody help me to make that work on retroarch?

as far as I tested, select works as coin, start as 1player start.
I need to keep select and start as they are, on the same buttons (J0B8, J0B9) AND also:
J0B7 – player 1 start
J1B7 – player 2 start
J0B13 – coin

is that possible?

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