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Just booted RP3.3.1RPI2 – from a class10 8Gb SanDisk

4 usb sockets – 1 x keyboard, 1 x 16Gb stick, 1 x 80211.n dongle, 1 x Bluetooth (PS3 controller) – mouse must replace wifi – use RJ45 WLAN

auto detecting on boot – usb media and auto-mounting media/usb –
and running the roms from usb.
( sorry if this is done already – I’m looking how to do it, reason for visit )

a menu item that shows your controller in-test – like windows used to do.

LCD ( with touch screen ) to use as either a keyboard/controller, or ‘tweak console menu’ in-game.
LCD ( w/o touch support ) – map – statistics
no LCD – run as-is.

Sorry if I’ve re-suggested ideas that have been covered before, or are in development, but from first run you have to find the answers you seek.

Thank you all that contribute to this. It’s great ! And all the best for 2016 !!!


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