Reply To: Trouble mapping Dualshock 4



UPDATE : I just realised that whatever I have in


Retroarch never reads it.

When I have emulationstation’s mapping and naming(sony entertainment wireless controller) R3 is select (which is my hotkey enable also)

When I use retroarch mapping and naming (PS4 controller) the outcome is exactly the same all buttons messed up; R3 = select.

When I use a file I found on github named Sony-Playstation4-DualShock4-Controller the outcome is once again the same, R3 = select for instance

When this folder is empty my controller still have the same mapping in game…

I see there is a variance in emulationstation and retroarch naming of the buttons (Retroarch Start = 6 emulationstation Start = 9)

Thanks once again ! I hope one of who will see this and take the time to help me.

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