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Supply Status of the ControlBlock

This info post is interesting for you, if you were looking at the ControlBlock and wondering when it will be available again.

UPDATE 01/23/2016: A new batch of ControlBlock has arrived and is now available.
UPDATE 01/23/2016: All pre-ordered ControlBlock are shipped.
UPDATE 01/13/2016: Reworking the ControlBlock is in progress. Every unit that successfully went through rework and quality check is shipped a day later.

These are information from 12/14/2015. The production of a new batch of ControlBlocks was ordered about two months ago and they were expected to be delivered at the beginning of December. In the meantime the ControlBlocks arrived (good), but we realized that one of the components was not the correct one (bad). The wrong component affects the core functionality of the ControlBlock – to attach controllers – and makes it unusable. I do not want to repeat the words that followed right after finding that out here, but I was not amused to say the least. So, what now?

First of all, a new batch with the corrected component is already ordered. When that order arrives the supply of ControlBlocks will not be short anymore. Also, luckily, the existing ControlBlocks with the wrong component can be reworked – the wrong component can be replaced with the correct one. However, that takes some time and we still have to evaluate how long exactly it takes to do that. It is planned that as soon as a bunch of ControlBlocks is reworked they will be made available in the store. Would you be interested in a pre-order functionality? In that way, the orders could be fulfilled chronologically and we would know the exact demand … Please use the comments section below to give feedback about that idea. UPDATE 12/16/2015: We have added a pre-order option for the ControlBlock now.

Did I already mention that the new ControlBlock comes fully assembled, use the SPI interface (which is way faster than the previously used I2C interface), comes with a stackable pin header, and provides additional minor tweaks in its circuitry.


I am sorry for everyone who is waiting and looking forward to finish their project. I hope that this info post gives you some insights into the current status of the ControlBlock supply.

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  • Rory Fehr

    I would be interested in a pre-order.

  • Sebbo

    I’m also interested to pre-order the ControllBlock.
    Otherwise i will take one of the wrong Boards and resolder it by myself 😉

  • Cris

    I would do a pre-order.

  • Srdjan Mirosavljevic

    I would like a pre-order as well!

  • Claus Hingebjerg

    yes to preorder

  • chuckcanuck

    Yes, definitely would like to pre-order a couple.

  • ryan

    yes to preorder

  • DangerousJax

    I just preordered mine… Can’t wait.

  • Northman

    I would also pre-order.

  • Tony Marasco

    Any update on the ETA?

    • Currently, I am waiting for components from the supplier. I had to realize that the holidays are slowing things down, unfortunately, because many shops & distributors are closed …
      Currently, I am expecting to ship new ControlBlocks during the next week.

      • Tony Marasco

        Thanks for the update!

  • Howard_Scott

    Hi. Happy New Year. Any update on this? Thanks.

    • Rework is in progress, we are shipping every day the ones that get finished. See also the status update above.

      • Cris

        Awesome, can’t wait for my preorder to show up.

      • Cris

        Got my ControlBlock today, in less than a half hour had it up and running and am quite happy with it. Great work!

  • Justin_Aiken

    Any recommendations for a case that fits this and the Pi2 B, preferably retro themed? Also for a good switch to use w/ this board?

  • Jeff Rebeiro

    I noticed the new board has an empty section labeled USB2. Can you explain what that is for?

  • corne steyn

    Probably too early to ask but does the ControlBlock work with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B?

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