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A New Provider for the Blog

Another short side post: The blog has been migrated to a new provider!  This gives me the full control over every detail of the site and further enhances the possibilities for future developments of the site.

I hope that all resources, links, pages, etc. are working – please tell me, if you find something that is not working!

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  1. I am having trouble registering for the forum. The registration email does not go through. I have tried a couple email accounts and neither seem to receive the registration email. It does not appear in my spam filters.

  2. André Aranha

    Hi, I just installed the RetroPie and it seems great, although, when I tried to configure my USB joystick, I realized that I don’t have the Retroarch-Rpi directory or retroarch-joyconfig. Can I download only this directory and tools? Thanks and sorry for my english.

    • I just checked the available download.
      You can find retroarch-joyconfig in ./RetroPie/emulators/RetroArch/tools/retroarch-joyconfig.

      Individual components can be installed with the RetroPie Script by selecting and de-select (via space key) only the desired components in the menu for the source-based installation.

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