RetroPie Downloads

Here you can find downloads of the RetroPie Project.

The list of downloads includes ready-to-use SD-card images with a RetroPie installation, a torrent for the SD-card image, binaries for the binaries-based installation of the RetroPie Setup Script, themes for  Emulation Station that can be installed with the RetroPie-Setup Script.

I spend a considerable amount of time maintaining the scripts and downloads and I find it most rewarding to hear from people that this project is of use and fun for them!

But if you feel like you want to donate a coffee or so I would also be glad :-) 

RetroPie Project

RetroPie GPIO Adapter

RetroPie-Setup Script

  • Barrie Reader

    Awesome, any chance of getting an image lower than 3.6gb so it’ll fit on 4gb cards? :( :(

    • petRockBlog

      This is an image from a 4 GB card, so it will fit!

      I do agree, however, that a lot of components could be removed. This would lead to a very specialized image that would not have LXDE, X, etc. installed. I am not sure if the majority of people interested in this project would be willing to live with that.
      What should/could be removed? What are your opinions?

      • Barrie Reader

        :) Thanks for the reply! So, I have successfully run the image on a 8gb card. The problem is (most) 4gb cards only actually have 3.6gb available – so It’s gotta be smaller! I’ve run all the emulators once, everything works – except PRBoom? I’m not sure why – EmulationStation does the *ping* noise, but it doesn’t load – even with the official doom.wad…

      • petRockBlog

        You need to copy the actual Doom.wad (or whatever .wad file you have) into the ~/RetroPie/roms/doom directory. Did you do this?

        I try and see how many packages I can remove for the next SD-card image!

      • Scott Garrett

        Given that 8 GB cards are < $10 (typical price on Amazon is $6.50) these days, I'd say leave everything there rather than stripping it down to accommodate the few people who insist on using a 4GB. Then we have the option to do more. I personally love having the ability to run X and the other software while I'm tinkering. If anything, I'd like to see more packages and more emulators added and the minimum card size increased. :)

      • erdnuesse

        Given that rPI’s are so cheap, I am running dedicated rPIs for different occasions. One for XBMC another one just for gaming, the third one will be a miniPC on the TV. Each rPI is connected to a storage over WIFI bridge. I don’t see why anyone would stick functions into a rPI when changing channels on the TV is so much more comfortable, not to mention all the thrown away 4GB SDs…

  • BrianXP7

    It seems that the download link for the binaries is broken.

    • petRockBlog

      Thanks a lot for that hint – I fixed that just now!

  • Meface

    I only have crappy broadband, so downloading a 1.4GB file never works for me – my connection will always stall or disconnect during the 16 or so hours it will take.
    Is there any chance of a torrent for this?

    • petRockBlog

      I cannot say when the image download will be offered as a torrent again. Maybe a download manager that is capable of resuming downloads could help you here!?

      • Kyle

        I think providing a bittorrent file for this should be a priority, as downloading is painfully slow.

      • Matt Bowles

        it only takes me 20-30 mins.

      • petRockBlog

        For me the download also takes 20 to 30 minutes.

      • Proper Play

        Got it in 15 minutes at a steady 1.5mb/s.

      • willow mouse

        I’m seeding…

    • Proper Play

      Use a download manager like “DownThemAll” for Firefox, it will resume your download if it gets interrupted.

  • nicosuave214

    is the 1.6.1 beta fully functional?

    • petRockBlog

      Yes. So far, I did not get any bug report that is specific to version 1.6.1.

  • Cross

    When I download this I get a whole mess of files instead of one .img is this my old computer being funny or me misunderstanding the install process?

    • petRockBlog

      Maybe you are also extracting the content of the .img file?

  • Blakwulf

    When will the new image file be coming out with the 30+ minutes of gameplay crash fixed? I know that the new RP version has it fixed, but i don’t have the knowledge level to install just that part. :P

    • petRockBlog

      I plan to update the SD-card image in the next days.

      • Blakwulf

        Great to see the new version up! I’m guessing you’re still uploading it, as the download link only shows up at less than 200mb.

      • petRockBlog

        The uploaded file was corrupted. The new version is now online!

      • Blakwulf

        “Error! Invalid download link.” Uh oh. Any ideas why this is popping up now?

      • petRockBlog

        I changed the URL of the download and added another mirror in these seconds. The download(s) should work now!

      • Blakwulf

        Great, the download works just fine now! However, i’ve run into the same problem. I was trying the new version out with a game, and after 45 minutes of play or so, when i attempted to quit back to the emulator selection screen, it crashed with the white dot in the centre of the screen.

        Also, i was toying around with my Chrono Trigger ROM, and i noticed that certain areas of the game tend to get laggy both visually and audibly. I noticed this the first time back in v1.5 of the SD card image, but when i upgraded to v1.6.1 the problem was fixed. I saw it reported on several forums. It seems to be back in the new v1.7 image.

        Any ideas? It feels like the versions have regressed. :(

      • petRockBlog

        This 45min-bug is a known issue from Emulation Station, see and I also think that this is a major issue. We should give Aloshi as many information as possible at Github to debug Emulation Station for this issue!

        The RetroPie Script also gives you the possibility to install AdvanceMenu as an alternative front-end. You probably need to adapt the configuration of AdvcanceMenu though (see also If you put any work into that feel free to post it here or at Github so that we could include it into the Setup Script :-)

      • Blakwulf

        I’m pretty new to all of this and i don’t know a thing about scripting. It’s a crippling issue for me since you can’t save any game progress unless you quit the emulator cleanly. :(

      • petRockBlog

        Actually, I was not able to reproduce the freezing on my side. Please have a look at You might be able to help Aloshi.

      • Blakwulf

        Will do! I’d love to get past that damned crash.

      • Blakwulf

        So i’ve ordered the same power supply that apparently solves the crash problem, though i can’t possibly think of a reason why a different power supply would resolve a crash that occurs after 30+ minutes of gameplay…

      • petRockBlog

        It would be interesting to get feedback here :-)

      • Blakwulf

        Be a few days to get the power supply as it’s coming from Europe for some reason, but my order has been shipped. Hopefully get it Monday/Tuesday. I promise i’ll post the results here when i get them!

        If it really is the power supply, i’ll be emailing the company that i got the Pi kit from and let them know that their power supply is crap. :P

      • Blakwulf

        I regret to report that the crash still happens for me with the new power supply. I don’t know what to do anymore, other than sit and wait for a new version of the software that has the crashed fixed. :(

      • tmx

        to many volts after a while will do that i saw that if you have 2000ma at 5 v you should be fine also i read that some pies that are damaged will do that as well as with a bad sdhc disk good luck my friend

  • PiRo

    FYI, running binaries install is giving me a blank white screen when I run ES. It is almost like the es_input screen, for setting up controllers in ES, but there are no commands, nothing, I can’t get to any of the emulators, not even DOOM or Apple II. Just a blank white screen, but I can F4 out. 3 builds in a row like that and I just built it the same way 5 times in the last week, so it could be that I missed something, but I don’t think so.

    I then went to DL from the more popular mirror and it said 3 hrs to DL… No, I am not on dial-up. So I canceled the DL and tried google drive… 16 minutes, I don’t know if there is just too much traffic on the other, or if there is possibly also an issue.

    On the ones I do have working, I noticed something with the box art. I added box art and info to a rather large menu and now, when in ES, I switch to that Emulator’s library menu, I don’t get art, I just get a white screen. Can still scroll and choose a game, but can’t see which. After playing and then exiting back to ES, then the art and library is intact. Is it maybe just taking a long time to load the pictures?

    The new config tool in ES (For Retro/Dgen and Neo) is not configuring retroarch properly, it only configures the buttons, not the D-pad, (unless this is just my controller) I suggest others still use the tool from command prompt, and stay away from the one inside of ES (other than the initial ES controller config tool).

    • petRockBlog

      Thanks a lot for this feedback! I will check in the binaries-based installation again.

      The load of the servers can vary. I just had a look at the download speed of the first mirror and I got the download within 15-20 min. But the other mirror is exactly for these cases, glad to hear that it is working :-)

      Regarding the box art in ES I would suggest to directly report this issue at In this way Aloshi can keep a central overview about the ES-related issues.

      The same holds for ES-config. This tool is designed to support the controller configuration. Staying away from the tool will not enhance it. Reporting this issue at gives Aloshi the chance to do so, though.

  • Joe Voght

    All of my roms are super fuzzy not the emulationstation. Im running through HDMI and using an imac keyboard. i have pictures here

  • cruzher

    Hi I’m having som issues with the SD card image. I’ve now tried several times and it boots up normaly but the file system is read only. It makes it really hard to add roms and what not? is there anyone else who experience this problem?

  • jdc

    Could we make use of bittorrent sync maybe?

  • SkinnyV

    While I really apreciate that you are making yourscript and image available (must have been a lot of work), I must say that it never work properly for me. I must have setted up retropie (1.6 and 1.7) over a dozen time and it always end up failing after I’m almost done setting the sd card up. I spend hours configuring all the emu and transfer all my rom and then it sudenly stop booting and freeze on the retropie splashscreen. I kinda abandon trying to set it up, last time everything was perfect and uploaded a big quantity of rom (no setting change or config edit at all) and it just froze on the splashcreen once I rebooted. Pretty frustrating

    • tmx

      its your flow of electricity my friend, I have watched every youtube video and read a lot on this, and they all say that if you are drawing any more than 5v at 2000 ma that it will freeze!, I might be wrong but that is what i have read and some folks have just used there cell phone power cords for power and it is not enough so you might want to check that out hope it helps :) a little over should not make it do that might be a bad sd card because they are cheap or the pi could have a bad piece good luck

  • Guiri

    Hello, I’ve created a torrent for 1.7:

    I’ve also emailed the site author through the contact form about mirroring the files. Hope this helps. -Guiri

  • Bob

    where are the old versions?

  • Torsken

    Huh, when I run Emulationstation I only see the Apple II, Cave story, DOS, Doom and Duke32 emulators. How come?

  • Jake

    I need help with this… I downloaded the third one down ( google drive mirror or something like that) and I have win32diskimager and when i try to write it to my sd card for my pi, i cant find the file i just downloaded!!! Is it not an image? do i have to do something to it different? please help im a noob at this stuff

    • petRockBlog

      I am not that familiar with win32diskimager, but maybe you need to unzip the file first.

  • Ofir Dahan

    I followed a few tutorials and im having (what looks like a common issue) a problem with my roms. When I clicked on a game (like Street Fighter) it flashes to the command line, the flashes back to the emulator :/ any clue?

    • petRockBlog

      It might be easier to reproduce your issue on my site, if you could post the name of the ROM that you are having problems with. I just tested, e.g., Pitfall on NES with the SD-card image ver. 1.9.1 and had no problems with that.

      • Ofir Dahan

        First off thank you for the response!

        Here is what i did:

        1) I formatted my SD card
        2) I downloaded SD Card image 1.9.1 and uploaded that img onto my SD card
        3) I plugged my SD card into my RaspberryPi and everything loaded up just fine
        4) i did the sudo config step and expanded my filesystem
        5) I have the 512mb version of Raspberry pi so i did the 256 memory split.
        6) Grabbed my IP address and uploaded my .nes games (Super Mario Duck Hunter, Street fighter, and some others).

        My controller works and every time i click on any game, it looks like its about to load it, then flashes to the terminal for a few seconds then kicks me back to the emulator. :/



      • petRockBlog

        Are you using HDMI or composite as video out? Composite is known to make problems every now and then.

      • petRockBlog

        You could also exit Emulation Station (by pressing F4) and start the NES emulator from command line to better see the output. You can find the command to start NES ROMs in the file /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg.

      • Drew

        I had this exact same issue AFTER I deleted the “retroarch”.cfg file by “Accident”. Did you remove any cfg files?

  • Dennis

    I can’t find the retroarch-joyconfig. In the directory emulators/RetroArch is no folder with the name of “tools”. There is only a file “”. How can I configure my gamepad now? In emulationstation it works fine.
    For installation is used the SD card image.

    • Drew

      Don’t quote me on this, but go to the left when everything first loads, there is a Input Configuration Page. I used this to program my gamepad for the SNES emulator and everything worked great. You are given 3 choices during the configuration, I chose “retroarch”, and it worked.

      • Dennis

        Thank you! The Problem is, that it allways shows a “script error” when i try this :/

  • Ofir Dahan

    Hey guys, if any of you are using a USB SNES controller, i modified the .cfg file to work better. I posted it on

    • tmx

      cool thanks i appreciate it a lot :) i plan to switch so this will help

  • McCaron

    Hi all, just found out about this project after OpenEmu was released on Mac. Tried it, but definitely not happy with the screen output, so I am considering buying a Raspberry Pi to enjoy the SNES games of my youth :)

    But before i jump into this, i noticed that most of you use USB SNES controllers

    i think that authentic SNES controllers are way better in terms of quality, so instead of making a GPIO adapter, i was wondering if it is possible to connect SNES controllers to the Raspberry Pi by using a SNES to USB adapter such as the retrolink dual port adapter ?

    thanks a lot

  • Fabs

    Please, add this to BerryBoot.
    Would be great to see this in the Berryboot OS install List
    (Berryboot will handle the Image for Multi Boot Operating Systems)

    • petRockBlog

      What is needed to get on the Berryboot OS install list?

      • bucker

        i think its something related to the squashfs partition format.

      • petRockBlog

        I would be glad if someone from the RetroPie community could take care for this – at least write a step-by-step guide to convert an existing RetroPie ad-card image into the proper format.

  • cxjiek

    Took a pretty long time running the script. Downloading the 300mb file took 4 hours, downloading other stuff took another 3 hours, and in the end, it gave me an error log because the connection broke. Wasted my time. Gonna try the binaries.

  • tmx

    sorry to bother yall great site and great info I appreciate this a lot me and my kids will enjoy this but only lol if someone can help with an issue i have seems that when i type in the cd retropie/emulators/retroarch/installdir/bin in the command line it says file not found or i get an error can anyone help with this i got all the games to load and work but the saving of my config for my xbox controller is not being to acceptant and yes i installed it from the site like the directions said also these have to be the easiest way i have seen yet to make something also to help out if anyone does not know cyberduck is a program that makes it real easy to drag and drop your roms so that part should help folks a lot just select sftp and put in pi as user and raspberry as password u get the ip from doing an ifconfig when ur at the command prompt in the pi :) so if any one can i need help thanks a lot

  • Kyle

    Hey i’ve been trying to get my games on a 4gb sd card (or whatevers left on the card after installation) so that i have 2 usb’s open for snes controllers. I did notice that when you delete games to try and make room for others it doesnt re-configure for the free space on the drive… any easy solution to this? Also, are you guys teaming up with others to get this on the openelec platform (such as an xbmc addon)? that would be aweome and super light


    To those having issues with downloading large files. JDownloader is a MUST have tool. You can simply copy a link and it shows up in your download list, then just give it the ok and it will download it. If it stops you can resume. I’ve been using it for years, and swear by it.

  • Benedict Jaeggi

    Just installed the newest version 1.10: on startx, an error pops up: /home/pi/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml line 1, no < found. (I looked it up, the file is empty.) Problem is, that I cannot restart or exit from lxde. To get the apps, right click, then properties or so and then enable root menu (or something like that). You have it under the right click now.

  • pedro

    which one of the downloads is the image for me to install

  • pedro

    they all seem to small to be an emulator,
    if there isnt one where can I actually download a working emulator?

    • petRockBlog

      The download was missing for a day now, but is back online now:

      • pedro

        i have it now in bit torrent sync but when i am going t write the iamge the file is not recognized . how do i work with bittorrent sync?

  • Justin

    can’t get my Game Gear games to show up in emulation station…. help otherwise I will get the older version 1.9.1….help

  • Mike

    I downloaded the 2.2 image and imaged my SD card with it. Emulation Station loads up properly but there are no emulators besides the “Ports” and “IBM” one, am I missing a step here?

    • Jeremy LaGant

      Same here but but I also have the Apple 2 emulator. I’m thinking it’s a bad file.

      • petRockBlog

        You need to load ROMs on the RPi – EmulationStation only shows systems with at least a single ROM.

      • willow mouse

        ahhhhhh, this makes a lot of sense, I’ve been hunting around how to add emulators but I’ve yet to load any rome on.
        Great work on this, by the way, fantastic resource.
        Now to build the cab and a joystick!

      • tan59

        i have the same problem… however i moved over some mame roms and they dont come up… not even the mame title icon…. needs more investigating

      • willow mouse

        I found that it didn’t refresh when I added them (over SSH), and it also didn’t work when I had them in individual ZIP files. I ended up unzipping them all (with 7zip – only took one action) and then copying them over, and then having to restart the Pi via the menu to allow it to pick them up.
        Unless there’s a ‘rescan’ option that I’m missing? (rescrape didn’t achieve anything)

  • pachen

    downloads dont work ?

    • petRockBlog

      Hmm, they work for me.

      • Jose

        For me dont work the 2.3

      • Nogbad

        Yeah. V1.1 links to the download page but 2.3 (and mirror) link to a blank page.

      • petRockBlog

        I cleared all cache files now. Is it working?
        Alternatively, I have just added a torrent file.

      • Jose

        Not for me petRockBlog, blank page in all 2.3 link

        Edit, now working! Thanks :)

      • Nogbad

        Working for me now – thanks!

      • Nogbad

        Not working for me. Just links to a blank screen.

  • He-Yann

    Is the user friendly es_config back in the main menu in 2.3 ??

  • Twitch0601

    With the 2.3 version. Is the default MAME program Mame4All-Pi or do i have to make it the default?

  • Archives

    Can someone please tell me the best place to get roms from?

  • Talcum

    Hi, Im very new to the Raspberry Pi, Retro Pie and Linux. I thought I would give this project a go. I have downloaded image version 2.3 and it works. The only issue I do have, is my PS3 controller works via USB but not via Bluetooth. I have followed the instructions shown below:

    When I depress the PS button the controller, the controller number LEDs flash, the controller vibrates then the controller LEDs count up and down 4 or 5 times. The LEDs then go off. The buttons do nothing through out this process. I followed the install instructions to the letter (twice in fact) without any joy. Does anyone have any pointers?


  • cappn

    I’m having an issue with the new image, it doesn’t seem to want to configure the emulators for my wired xbox controller.

  • JTdc12

    do you guys know a good website to get roms

  • an0n

    I would like to donate by bitcoin

  • Raúl Martínez Álvarez

    Thanks for your work, I’m getting a real blast remembering all those old games!!

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