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We spend a considerable amount of time maintaining the scripts and downloads and find it most rewarding to hear from people that this project is of use and fun for them!

But if you feel like you want to donate a coffee or so to the project we would also be glad :-)

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  • austin

    When i boot it up, I keep getting a screen that shows a bunch of stuff about debian. What do I do?

    • Rasmus

      If it’s the raspi-config you mean, then just select cancel and NO if it asks if you want to reboot. then you get to the “terminal” just type emulationstation, and it will take you there.

  • Kağan

    thanks from Turkey

  • Matt Haney

    I formatted (fat) my micro sd card that had noob on it, and downloaded and extracted the pi 2 v3 beta 2 and put only the 2 gig image on the card, but when I put it in the pi 2 and try to turn it on, nothing happens, screen is just black. Do I need to name the micro sd card something specific?

  • Jan Noniem

    Thank you very much for bringing back good memories into our living room! Our kids are enjoying gameclassics! And for me, i`m enjoying fiddling around :)

    As for all of you encountering issues with installation/usage/controllers etc. I can suggest to first do some research on the forum here. Also TechTipsta (on Youtube) has some very helpful vids online to help out noobs (like me)!

    Thank again!

    ps. I donated to the creator! This is not what I normally do, but in this particular case Müller didn`t just give me “RetroPie”, he gave me a hobby!

  • Carl McPherson

    Thankyou for the uploads. I am having the issue where I plug my 16gb sandisk micro sd card (via adaptor) into the pc.I format it, use 7zip to unzip and win32…(whatever its called) to write the image, but when I check the sd card again, it shows as BOOT and only has 54mb total capacity. What am I doing wrong?

    • Marek Novak

      It’s because the image you just wrote on the card is in Linux formating (so the only part of the USB that’s in the Windows formatting – FAT32 – is that 54MB)
      I am sure, that in RetroPie/RaspberryPi you will see the whole 14.8GB (minus 54MB).
      Windows can’t read it, but you can you use other programs to see the files (for example LinuxReader)

  • Kai

    When will 3.0 leave the beta status?

  • Pavol Boles

    Hey guys,

    could you please include the raphnet patch available at in the upcoming releases? This solves the issue of the raphnet dual/quad NES2USB controllers getting packed in one large joystick device instead of appearing as its own /dev/input device.

    Thank you.

  • Elias

    Hi folks. I have the 3.0b2 running on a RPi 2. I’ve tested some SNES roms, and works well, but neogeo (shows a black screen and return to main menu) and mame (prints “rom not supported”) doesn’t. Someone knows why?

    • joshve

      You need to add the FBA-specific-version of the Neo Geo bios file ( to your Neo Geo ROMs folder.

  • joshve

    I’ve got 3.0b2 running just fine on an RPi 2. How do I select which emulator to run on a game-by-game basis? Also, how do you set custom configurations (for example, vertical screen rotation) on a game-by-game basis? Thanks!

    • Rasmus

      You can select default emulator for all games of this system, or for each individually by pressing x when the game loads. I’m not sure about the rotation, could be in the same menu maybe?

  • Dave Morelli

    which sd image for RPI B+?

    • Xan Bonneau

      “RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 1 Version 2.6″ is the latest stable release for the B+. I am using “RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 1 Version 3.0 BETA 2″ and it is working great; it has some nice improvements that is worth using if you are comfortable with a beta.

  • David Whitehead

    hey guys can someone help me out here please id greatly appreciate it.
    so this is my first pi project model B+ 8GB sd card Version 2.6 for raspberry pi 1 and im having terrible problems none of the emulators work for me i run jnes on my windows pc and all the roms work fine (using the same logitech controller for the pi and pc) but on the pi for each game eg. nes mario bros i get to the point where it tells me to press start and nothing no controller imput works at all with the keyboard i can press enter but after that nothing can someone help me?

    • Rob Wood

      Yep, you need to configure your controller. There are guides for this in the forums.
      One quick thing you can try is booting up the pi without your keyboard attached. The emulators try to determine which USB device is the “first”, and designate that as controller 1. Sometimes this means your keyboard becomes player 1, and your controller gets assigned to player 2, which many games and systems will ignore.

  • Stiggy

    when i install retro pie to my 64gb sd it makes it into a 59mb sd is there a way for it to use all the drive space i wanna store games on the sd itself

    • Xan Bonneau

      Use raspi-config to expand the file system. This should be the very first thing you do after writing the image to SD card and may cause problems if you’ve made other changes to your system. FYI, most of the capacity of the card will be on another partition you won’t see when connecting the card to a Windows PC, which will only see the very small boot partition.

  • Kai

    When will 3.0 leave the beta status?

  • phinn

    Can anyone comment on the performance of RetroPie 3.0 for Pi 2? Curious if it’s greatly improved for emulation to be worth using over an Android box (e.g. Nexus Player) now.

    • Rob Wood

      Runs pretty much everything perfectly. Exception: N64 titles

  • gabriel dupas

    Hi, I’ve a Raspberry pi 2 Model B v1.1. Please, witch version of RetroPi image is compatible with my Raspberry ?

    I’ve tried RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 2 Version 2.6 but it doesn’t work.

    Thanks you for your help

  • obolus

    When will 3.0 leave the beta status?

    • Marek Novak


  • Metaconta


    Any new version of the Beta 2?


    • petRockBlog

      We plan to release an update for the image in the next days.

      • Metaconta

        Thanks you,

  • Kai

    Very bad.. Nothing new since months.. Donation misplaced! Still BETA..

    • petRockBlog

      Sorry, if you get that impression. However, if you take a look at the commits history at you will see that quite a lot is going on. Also, an update for the current SD card image is planned for the next days …

      In the end this is still an open-source project, anyone who is waiting for something special is always welcome to contribute, also at the RetroPie Repository.

      • Kai

        Thanks for the reply!
        I asked a few times and did not get any response..
        That was a bit disappointig for me – Now, i know whats going on.


    • Denus

      You’re a real @ss acting like a spoiled girl.

      • NonNative

        Wellll, your´re kind a right, but have in mind that you can´t know how much money he had spent (if so…). nonetheless one of the best projects. thanx to everyone. love the project (yeah nerdy)

      • NonNative

        …bear my mistakes

      • Denus

        It’s a donation, so you can’t expect favours because you paid for example 30$ instead of 5. It doesn’t work that way. This is not a Kickstarter project 😉

  • Pedro Brandão

    Hey guys, i install the version 2.6 in my raspberry pi 1, but don’t have the emulator Nitendo, MAME, etc.

    I need you help for this problem.

    • Kai

      You have to put Game-Roms to the specified ROM folder on your Retropie!

  • Dan

    Having trouble with retropie version 3.0 beta 3, every time I toggle into the Picodrive emulator menu the controller seems unresponsive to make any changes or exit back out of the menu, forcing me to hard reset.

    I thought I would try and make some changes to the config files but all I get is permission denied and logging in as root no longer seems to work.

  • HGwanda

    Hey. about beta 3: noob so dont expect anything intelectual
    wifi config is a very nice feature. saves a lot of time. but i have major problems wiht the xbox360 controler. neither way (in the emulators/retroarch/config at first boot) works.
    Retropie runs via key(32gb) and card(16gb). had two installs. on the second the new logo didn´t show up.
    – Had problems with psx bios (it is working now:…system_….) Is there a way to fix this(-just copy the bios) or are there any legal reasons for this?
    – Had a few glitches with .pbp files.
    – Could access raspi-config via retropie, but changes took only effect when quitting emulationstation and accessing via : sudo raspi-config (i.e. impersonalisation/ssh/ram…)
    Thx for this nice project/ work. Love it! Will try to contribute in the future

  • Jaggu

    I tried the Raspberry Pi 1 Version 3.0 BETA 4 but its not working for me.

    Could someone check ? Also please post the md5 value of the image.

  • Tulipano

    Big thanks to all involved! Tried Beta 2, 3 and 4 and they feel quite solid. It’s a blast playing the golden oldies…

  • Und dass

    About beta 4 rasp.2. Controller in PS works best via configuration in the Emu (press ESC). Same problems here with the raspi config (SSH). Also the password didn’t work. Saw the other post, but none pass happened to work – had to change via raspi config. Wanted to access via cyberduck.
    Besides…Works perfectly for me…just few seconds to install. Neat post install feature. Great project!!!! Keep it up.

  • Sserg

    Select button doesnt work with some nes games like punch out and metroid

  • JT

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a real screen saver instead of just going black or dimming?

  • Andrey Tsyplakov

    Hey guys, I have a question. Does RetroPie support multiple controllers? For example, if I buy a usb hub and connect 2-3 controllers, will it work?

    • Xan Bonneau

      I have tested it with 2 controllers and it works great. I have not tried 3 controllers.

  • Admiral_Snackbar

    I downloaded the image once, and I unzipped it, but it turned into a .gz file, and I don’t know how to change it back into an image. Any suggestions? I have tried redownloading it multiple times.

    • Xan Bonneau

      I use 7-Zip to extract the image from the .gz file.

  • Jimmy

    Hey, like your project. would like to contibute, but i think it is limited to a simple faq (for example in German) to step by step install and set up the retropie (image) on rasp. Greets, keep it up

  • Manny

    everytime i try to extract version 3.0 or 2.6 it says that the files are corrupt, can anyone help?

    • Furti

      Same Problem. Downloaded twice. Second time it worked. Sry no better solution from my side

  • Nate M

    Fresh install with 3.0 beta 4 (RPi2) and idk if it’s my installer or the image or maybe even my micro sd card I’m using but none of my nes roms will work, they go to that terminal screen like they’re loading, then it just takes me back to the emulator. Same thing happened with retropie config setup in the retropie area. I originally had it with the same sd card and it was completely fine but decided to wipe it and reload all my roms (don’t ask why) and went through the same SD card install/format/load whatever and it’s not working. Would this be something wrong with my SD card maybe?

  • Bob Dole

    Anyone wanting a berryboot-compatible download for 3.0 Beta4, here’s a download link :)!6UggXKLJ!X5cRqIsIwyd47xr6BAMdfVdsy-BCq_qMZGqjt4k1GxI

    If you haven’t heard of it, look it up 😉

    • Xan Bonneau

      Is this for RPi1 or RPi2? Thanks.

  • Injust Nafika

    hi i have pi 2 b+ retro will not boot emulator station get txt saying 2380ilelegel instruction can someone help me

  • Kotera

    Is there any way to upgrade retropie 2.6 to 3.0 rc1 ?

    • gorrila buttrape

      no you gotta do a clean install

      • BigD145

        Well that sucks. Scrapes take forever.

  • Kari Frank

    Hello. Does the Raspberry B+ model require version 1?

    • Joolle

      rc rasp2 is for the raspberry 2 (2015)
      if you have a raspberry model B+ you need the rc1 for raspberry 1

  • THNX

    Tested the rc1 rasp2:
    bios works perfectly now – psx. nice…..
    still some issues with pifba and gamepad (xbox 360 wired). fresh install. apparently in some games the gamepad is working
    password change/impers./clock/ssh still just worked via quitting emulationstation and sudo raspi-config
    it could be that im slow, but could you extend the time the ip-adress is shown (in retropie setup), or is there a way to fix this manually
    is there an option to deinstall certain emus or ports different than just deleting via ssh?

  • Martin Rix

    Hi guys! Your Bitcoin Donate button isn’t working. I click and nothing happens! :(

  • Joseba Egia

    I tried the V2.6 and v3.0 for raspberry pi 2 on my raspbery pi 2 model B+. Actually, y tried on my 5 new raspberry pi 2 model B+ v1.0 and no boot on any of them. I unzip and used win32 to burn it as administrator in windows, everything looks good but nothing starts.

  • Guilherme Genovez Junior

    Tryed installing 3.0 on a Pi1B+ and can’t keep scraped metadata… Once Emulationstation is booted all metadata is gone… Version bug?!

  • aurik

    Thanks !

  • gorilla buttraper


  • Zachary Nance

    the auto file system doesn’t set up for me and im trying to get a bunch of roms loaded on a USB drive. Is there a way to toggle the auto read function on and off, or an easier way to load roms from a USB to the SD
    thank you and sorry noob question.

  • Mattia

    I’ve updated to v3 but still got the bug of R2 trigger of xbox 360 wireless controller, anyone tried?

    • BigD145

      Still an issue in 3.0

  • Andrew

    It would be awesome if you also had a torrent link. I am only getting varying speeds of 50-200 KBs from your server.

    • Andrew

      Never mind, I found the magnet link. I should have looked harder. Thank you for being awesome. =)

  • Scott

    Hey guys, my first day here.. How long do I have to leave my USB drive plugged into the Raspberry Pi 2 for? I have been following a tutorial that says to plug the usb drive in for a few moments and there should now be file directories set up that I can start loading roms into etc…

    I’ve waited a half an hour and when I unplug it and then plug it into my pc there’s nothing. Am I missing something here?

  • The Doctor

    someone HELP. i am having trouble with retropie because it doesnt want to put the ROM directorys on my flashdrive. this was after all the configuration. Now ive tried everything i thought would help, used diffrent flashdrive reboot with flash drive already inserted and formatted the micro sd card and rewrote the image on it. nothing seems to do anything

  • Todd

    Complete noob question probably, but I just started working on this project.

    Downloaded v3.0 for my Pi 2, formated the 8gb micro SD, and copied the img file over.

    However, now it’s saying I only have 38.1 MB of 56.8 MB of free space left. Where’d my 7 Gigs go? I can only fit like 30 Sega Genesis games on the card before it’s “full”.

    Where’d I go wrong here?

    • Xan Bonneau

      From the command line terminal, enter “sudo raspi-config”. Then choose the first option, “expand file system”. It is recommended you do this before making any changes to the system like adding ROMs, so you may need to start from scratch and do this step very first thing. It won’t hurt to try it now to see if it works though.

      • Todd

        Bam. That did it. I had already wiped it clean to restart, pending an answer here.

        Thanks for the quick, easy to follow response!

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