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I spend a considerable amount of time maintaining the scripts and downloads and I find it most rewarding to hear from people that this project is of use and fun for them!

But if you feel like you want to donate a coffee or so I would also be glad :-)

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  • austin

    When i boot it up, I keep getting a screen that shows a bunch of stuff about debian. What do I do?

    • Rasmus

      If it’s the raspi-config you mean, then just select cancel and NO if it asks if you want to reboot. then you get to the “terminal” just type emulationstation, and it will take you there.

  • Kağan

    thanks from Turkey

  • Matt Haney

    I formatted (fat) my micro sd card that had noob on it, and downloaded and extracted the pi 2 v3 beta 2 and put only the 2 gig image on the card, but when I put it in the pi 2 and try to turn it on, nothing happens, screen is just black. Do I need to name the micro sd card something specific?

  • Jan Noniem

    Thank you very much for bringing back good memories into our living room! Our kids are enjoying gameclassics! And for me, i`m enjoying fiddling around :)

    As for all of you encountering issues with installation/usage/controllers etc. I can suggest to first do some research on the forum here. Also TechTipsta (on Youtube) has some very helpful vids online to help out noobs (like me)!

    Thank again!

    ps. I donated to the creator! This is not what I normally do, but in this particular case Müller didn`t just give me “RetroPie”, he gave me a hobby!

  • Carl McPherson

    Thankyou for the uploads. I am having the issue where I plug my 16gb sandisk micro sd card (via adaptor) into the pc.I format it, use 7zip to unzip and win32…(whatever its called) to write the image, but when I check the sd card again, it shows as BOOT and only has 54mb total capacity. What am I doing wrong?

    • Marek Novak

      It’s because the image you just wrote on the card is in Linux formating (so the only part of the USB that’s in the Windows formatting – FAT32 – is that 54MB)
      I am sure, that in RetroPie/RaspberryPi you will see the whole 14.8GB (minus 54MB).
      Windows can’t read it, but you can you use other programs to see the files (for example LinuxReader)

  • Kai

    When will 3.0 leave the beta status?

  • Pavol Boles

    Hey guys,

    could you please include the raphnet patch available at in the upcoming releases? This solves the issue of the raphnet dual/quad NES2USB controllers getting packed in one large joystick device instead of appearing as its own /dev/input device.

    Thank you.

  • Elias

    Hi folks. I have the 3.0b2 running on a RPi 2. I’ve tested some SNES roms, and works well, but neogeo (shows a black screen and return to main menu) and mame (prints “rom not supported”) doesn’t. Someone knows why?

    • joshve

      You need to add the FBA-specific-version of the Neo Geo bios file ( to your Neo Geo ROMs folder.

  • joshve

    I’ve got 3.0b2 running just fine on an RPi 2. How do I select which emulator to run on a game-by-game basis? Also, how do you set custom configurations (for example, vertical screen rotation) on a game-by-game basis? Thanks!

    • Rasmus

      You can select default emulator for all games of this system, or for each individually by pressing x when the game loads. I’m not sure about the rotation, could be in the same menu maybe?

  • Dave Morelli

    which sd image for RPI B+?

  • David Whitehead

    hey guys can someone help me out here please id greatly appreciate it.
    so this is my first pi project model B+ 8GB sd card Version 2.6 for raspberry pi 1 and im having terrible problems none of the emulators work for me i run jnes on my windows pc and all the roms work fine (using the same logitech controller for the pi and pc) but on the pi for each game eg. nes mario bros i get to the point where it tells me to press start and nothing no controller imput works at all with the keyboard i can press enter but after that nothing can someone help me?

  • Stiggy

    when i install retro pie to my 64gb sd it makes it into a 59mb sd is there a way for it to use all the drive space i wanna store games on the sd itself

  • Kai

    When will 3.0 leave the beta status?

  • phinn

    Can anyone comment on the performance of RetroPie 3.0 for Pi 2? Curious if it’s greatly improved for emulation to be worth using over an Android box (e.g. Nexus Player) now.

  • gabriel dupas

    Hi, I’ve a Raspberry pi 2 Model B v1.1. Please, witch version of RetroPi image is compatible with my Raspberry ?

    I’ve tried RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 2 Version 2.6 but it doesn’t work.

    Thanks you for your help

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