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We spend a considerable amount of time maintaining the scripts and downloads and find it most rewarding to hear from people that this project is of use and fun for them!

But if you feel like you want to donate a coffee or so to the project we would also be glad :-)

RetroPie SD-Card Images

RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi Zero
This is the official RetroPie SD-Card Image for the Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi Zero.
RetroPie SD-card Image for Raspberry Pi 2
This is the official RetroPie SD-Card Image for the Raspberry Pi 2.

RetroPie Supplementary


  • Mattia

    still cannot map R2 button on xbox 360 wireless controller >_>

  • Bacsey Kerm

    i need help the new retropie update seems to be broken I download using the magnet torrent extracted it because it was in a gz format and install it on my sd card using Win32DiskImager after it was finished there was no file in it please help

    • Eric Teixeira

      Rp1 worked for me. Trying Rp2 now.

      1) Downloaded torrent
      2) Used ‘WinRar’ to extract
      3) Used ‘Win32DiskImager’ to mount the retropie-v3.2.1-rpi2.img file

      4) Should be good to go after that

      • Bacsey Kerm

        I got it working but I didn’t use this download ….I have a model one with kodi/retropie mods you can find it on YouTube it’s works good

  • john

    Download always fails had to download utorrent and clicked magnet link and download started from utorrent it downloaded in about 10 minutes. So best bet to download.

  • kuLLe

    Where is the 3.3 SD card version? Can not find it.. Announced here:

    • petRockBlog

      I was just informed that it will take some more minutes (actually about 2 hours) until the image is available here. This time the wiki was faster than the blog :-)

      • Kurai Kitsune

        Sad to still not see it in 6 hours :( and i had my new SD card all ready to write the image!. Love the project.

      • petRockBlog

        It is finally available.

  • Johnnie Ellis

    i just updated the setup script and then the binary files through emulation station to update to the latest 3.2.1 and when it loads back into emulationstation none of my controls work anymore. it was supposed to keep my retroarch configs right? I am using a xin-mo 2 player and can’t get it to work. i was able to update to 3.1 with no problems but forgot to make an image before updating and now i am back on a previous version and not able to use the new scraper or install new themes. any help is appreciated

  • Isidro Fernández Yeste

    Ey, I just downloaded version 3.3, using a logitech pad that works fine with 3.2.1, in 3.3 only works in the menu, once a rom is launched it doesn’t respond at all. Anybody else is having the same issue?

    • Heath Corbett

      same issue with xbox 360 controller.. did you ever get it working?

      • Mattia

        Mine doesnt work too,just in the menus

  • David

    I have just downloaded the 3.3 version but after loading retropie in my raspi screen becomes black with “no signal” message. What can i do?

  • Mattia

    Just installaed latest wheezy vers , Xbox controller doesnt work once inside the game, it works only in the menus

    • Sweeters

      I’ve had the same issues – try looking at this thread:

      And see if the instructions posted here will help:

      start > retropie > setup-retropie [2nd from down] > setup [3rd
      section] > config retro arch setting > change commen setting [1st
      section] > all [1st] > change joypad driver from sdl2 to udev .
      after that back to first page and perform rebbot . and all set .

      Hasn’t stopped the blinking lights – but it did kick the controller into life withinn the emulators. Still needs a lot of config work as I can’t seem to get the inputs mapped out correctly during the autoconfigure phase.

      • Mattia

        tyvm im gonna try it but, it’s something that need to be fixed anyway,i cant use even wired controllers

  • Tim Linder

    anyone have a way to update Kodi to 15.2 or higher? as you all know, the experimental packages only adds 14. I found a walk through to modify the .sh file to install 15.2, but it failed to load when installed :( if anyone wants to try to get it to work, i will be happy to upload it

  • Cid Felipe

    Friends like to know how do I configure retropie to present the cover of the games?

  • Junad Ahmed

    I’ve got a problem with the scraper. I’m on the previous version now and not 3.4, but since last week, I can’t scrape the games. Whenever I scrape, it says no games found. Then on the log and command line if I press quit, it says:
    “lvl0: GamesDBRequest – Error parsing XML
    Start-end tags mismatch”
    I don’t know what to do.
    Plz help!!!
    When I tried it this morning, it worked for 2 GBA games, then it stopped again.

  • RunnerPack

    Does anyone know whether any of these images works on a Banana Pi M1? Is anyone working on a port? If I have the Banana Pi version of Raspbian, how hard is it to install the RetroPie software? (i.e. is there an “apt” package?)

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