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    hi, i found the following youtube-video, which explains the installation of retropie.

    But if you perform this video-tutorial by yourself, this will take much longer than the 16Minutes of the video! I would say rather some hours. And just if it works after all this points you did. Furthermore, it is illogical that the gamepad buttons have to be configured multiple times!

    SO, is there no easier way???? I mean al the entries in the terminal, and also the whole settings about the GamePad?

    Would it be possible that anybody (a PRO) would make a IMAGE of its RetroPie (like one know it from pc with “Acronis True Image” etc.) and then everyone with a pie2 and a xbox360 controller could easily extract these image (maybe – if possible – already including roms/games) on to his microSD and starts the pie?????????????????????????????????

    What do you think about this easy way? That would be a lot easier than the stupid input of many lines of code.

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    Don’t bother following videos, use the pre built image found on this website. Can’t get more simplier than that.

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    Providing ROMs with an image is illegal and that will never happen.

    That video is also outdated as there have been vast improvements in retropie 3. Retropie is the easiest to set up it has ever been.

    The raspberry pi isn’t an xbox- it was designed to do many things, so it will take a little bit of learning in the terminal- which isn’t a bad thing- I’ve turned my pi into a timelapse camera, media server, etc. You can’t do those things with an Xbox…

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    @robertybob …please watch the video, then you see, that its already about the installation of the RetroPie Image provided here!

    @herbfargus, Thanks for your answer! I already downloaded the 3.version of the RetroPie Image. And i installed it, the way they told me in this youtube-video! But thats to much for an “windows-user”. Sorry, i think i really would like linux, but if you are a newbe than its not easy at all.

    You said its an outdated video! So please tell me a easier way of installing it! But how i said i already have installed v3. And i see the startscreen! But i dont know how it goes further! And also i dont know how to setup the xbox360 controller and also i dont know where i can find virus and trojan free ROMs. Can you help me with this questions please?

    And is there really no way of using a image including all these settings?

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    Is this one helpful?

    If not, let me know the parts that arent clear and I’ll try to do an update.

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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