Purchasing Micro SD Cards

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    So per my research and testing thus far the Pi needs Micro SDHC & Fat32 Formatting.

    Fat32 will only go up to 32gb in size without special tools, which you can get.
    So technically you can make fat32 bigger… Okay

    I can’t find any legitimate Micro SDHC cards that go over 32gb, once you go above 32gb its a Micro SDXC card, which will not work in a Pi.

    Now I did find some 64gb’s that said they where Micro SDHC but I don’t think they were kept causing all sorts of issues, seemed unreliable at best.

    However I still need about 40gb’s of space to fit all my roms on one installation of retro pie. I do not want multiple cards to break my emulators up across seems silly.

    So I see this thread here about Karloss using a 128gb card to boot from.

    Where are these cards and is there no recommended confirmed to work Micro SD compatibility list?

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    Dammit I hate it when I quickly answer my own question… Can’t find can’t find, okay I will make a post about it, 5 mins later found it.


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    But what the heck all the Micro SDXC cards on the list that where working.

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    I have been using a Samsung 64GB SDXC MicroUSB card in my RetroPie build with no issues. Its even on sale right now at Amazon:


    If you plan on using the 2.3 image, dont worry about formating the microsd. Just write the image to the microsd card using win32 disk imager and expand the root file system to use the full size once the image is deployed using sudo raspi-config.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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