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    Profile photo of fourfun

    Would you please PM me the design also.

    Profile photo of jamesleecartel

    Heya, you are my hero. A design that just incorporates the snes controller dimensions 1 to 1.

    Could you email me the design for 3d printing!? Also, i’m in the UK….which 3d printers did you use.

    One last thing…if you wanted to give it a really nice finish would you have any advice on that?


    Profile photo of mat jessop
    mat jessop

    Dear Fourfun,

    I would gladly send along the files. Please PM me your email address and then I can send you the info.



    Profile photo of mat jessop
    mat jessop

    Dear James,

    I would also be glad to send you the files too! Just send me a PM with your email address. Thanks a lot for your comment, its really appreciated! I got mine printed at 3DPrint UK. They do selective laser sintering, while more expensive than the more ‘common’ extrusion based methods. However, I really think its worth the extra cash if you can afford it, because the quality is incredible, you really wont be dissapointed! I think it cost me about 60 quid to get it printed.

    And yes, I have recently tried to make the finish nicer on mine. I have spray painted it with a spray paint designed to spray onto plastic. I think it has given a really nice result, and it feels much nicer to hold too. The ‘raw’ sls product feels a bit chalky. I also painted the rpi logo. And as a bonus, i 3d printed the button surrounds in brass from shapeways.com. They can 3d print a mould, and then fill the mould with different metals, its a really cool (but pricey) service. Anyway, I have added a couple of photos so check them out if you so wish!



    Profile photo of mat jessop
    mat jessop

    A couple of rubbish quality photos of the more finished product.

    Spray painted and coloured in logo on the back


    And the front, with brass button surrounds


    Profile photo of darkborn

    Great project!
    Why don’t you host project files (.stl, .skp) at some 3D repository instead of send it as PM?
    It could be much easier and RetroPie Project / petRockBlog will get more audience.

    3 major ones that I remember are Thingiverse, 3D warehouse and TF3DM.

    Thingiverse is dedicated (only?) to .stl files
    (Thingiverse also had “thingiview”, 3D preview of stl model. WebGL enabled browser needed for that.)
    3D warehouse is (only?) for .skp files
    TF3DM is for all 3D files.
    TinyUpload is great for general file hosting.

    I found those 2 links, there are plenty more hosts to choose from:

    20 Best Sites to Download Free STL Files to 3D Print

    10 Best Websites to Download Free 3D Models

    All the best…

    Profile photo of mat jessop
    mat jessop

    Files can now be found here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1412412

    Many thanks to Darkborn for finally pushing me to upload them!

    I hope this can help some people!


    Profile photo of fireslayer26

    Hey Matt, can you add a speaker grill to the front of the case like in one of these pictures??

    speaker grill

    speaker grill 2

    Profile photo of bircoe

    Hi, I like your design but it was lacking some features I wanted, I’m in the process of modifying your design in SkethUp and just thought I’d show you where I was at.

    I took the SketchUp files from:

    Portable Retro Gaming Unit

    I liked that he had already added the rear buttons so ran with that design, what I’ve changed so far:
    Moved the controls further up to make room for 20mm speakers.
    Added recessed holes for 20mm speakers, not 100% sold on the grill design but it looks decent and the holes will be easy to clean up with the right size drill bit post print.
    Added holes for 3mm LED’s power and charge with icons either side of the LED’s.

    To Do:
    Attempt to squeeze in a larger 5″ HDMI display, waiting on display to arrive to start taking measurements but I think there will be enough space.
    Add provision for a volume control pot.

    Recessed speaker holes:

    Power/Charge LED holes:

    Overview of current design:

    Profile photo of mat jessop
    mat jessop

    Hey Bircoe,

    Really liking your design changes, its great to have more functionality! Keep me posted on your developments, I can’t wait to see the end result!!



Viewing 10 posts - 36 through 45 (of 45 total)

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