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    I have setup retropie using verson 2.4 and i have successfully setup my ps3 controller which i can get to work fine for controlling the ui in emulationstation and it also works fine with retroarch emulators for example the controls in the snes emulator work fine.

    The problem I am having is setting the controller up to work in vice the c64 emulator. When I first run the emulator it recognizes the ps3 controller but the button mapping is not correct is there a way to remap the controls.

    Where does the emulator get its joystick config from is there a file I could edit?

    Thanks Pintglass

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    2.4.2 has a vice update (and mentions config location):

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->

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    That is the version I’m running now, sorry I should of been clearer with my original post.

    The configuration file has no way of remapping the keys.

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    we generate a minimal config for vice – once you have loaded it, you can configure other stuff and then save the configuration.

    press f12 for the configuration menu inside vice – joystick mapping is configured under “Machine settings -> Joystick Settings”

    Documentation for the emulator is here – and has lots of information regarding configuration etc.

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    thanks buzz for the info but i have tried setting the controller in “Machine settings -> Joystick Settings” but i can not get it to work correctly

    Can you tell me where the vice emulator gets it controller configuration from?

    For example when I start the emulator I bring up the ui menu with F12 then I can use the controller analog stick to navigate up and down but the d-pad and the buttons seem messed up, like pressing the right d-pad key results in the ui menu appearing

    Is this behaviour built into the code of vice or being read from somewhere?

    I know there’s the option to change the ui menu keys but I can not map this to controller buttons

    Thanks Pintglass

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    I’m facing the same issue. NES, SNES even the Amiga emulator are working fine with the controller setting. But I can’t configure VICE with the right settings. When I configured the controller as keyboard before and mapped regular keys, it was working fine while using Vice. Unfortunately the controlls for the other emulators partly didnt’t work.

    Did you or anybody else find a solution for this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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