Best playstion settings?

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    I have several games for the playstation but I would say half have some sort of issue with video or sound. My examples would be Bloody Roar 2 has problems with choppy video and sound, Gran turismo 2 doesnt look quite right and Tekken 3 has some video lag. Anyone have perfect play for most games? Is it the stock emulator? Here are my overclock settings that I copied from someone else and slightly adjusted. I have ran a stress test I found and it seems fine plus my temps never go over 50c.


    Also I should have the cpu throttle, governor turned off

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    i can’t seem to get my RaspberryPi to function normally for very long with such overclock settings… I know it will boot… most of the times… but it usually ends up crashing after a bit of time for me.

    I did notice that it helped a lot with SNES’s star fox 🙂

    ON TOPIC: are any of the other PS1 games giving you trouble? I do not believe that PS1 support will ever be perfect on the Pi due to the limitations of it’s performance output but it can certainly play quite a lot of games at a great speed.

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    I guess I got lucky with my pi. I also have a heatsink and a fan on it. I did have some random problems the other day but I figured while getting the overclock in I might have messed up a few files. One day no game would play on snes but then the next day it was fine. I already cleaned and reinstalled back to preoverclock settings just make sure it is fine but my stress test said it was okay. I also had a problem where my power supply just started messing up. It would run but the red light constantly blinked or wasnt on and that was at stock clock settings. I decided to just throw the power supply away before I ruined the board. I may dial it down a hair. I havent tried to many games but about half of what I got have issues. If it doesnt play 95 percent perfect then I dont want to play it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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