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Hello all!! I try to config advmame1.4 and I have too questions to config them…
1-What command you use to config the exit keyconfig?? (“”MISC_SAFEQUIT = no”” but what command use in key config to use them?))
2-I try to config the controls using dualshock 3 gamepad anyone have the config for this?? Can upload to .txt or pastebin??
3-When I try to config the dualshock 3 gamepad using the emulator menu (using TAB key of the keyboard, and changed the device_joystick auto to device_joystick raw in the config of .rc file) the game only take the config in the option “for this game” what I need do to change general config for all games and apply them???
Thanks for all help forum!! and sorry for bad english šŸ˜

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