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1. Tonight I built a splash screen, put it onto my USB stick and put it into the Pi. I booted up, the Snes option is still missing and the RetroPie sub-menu is back to single words – see attachment.

Restarted without USB stick in, same. Ran RP setup – binary installer… then after a restart it is now behaving. This seems really strange. Am I getting something wrong or does the SD card seem faulty? I still have rom files deleted in File Manager that appear on the menu’s. I’m selecting them, F8 – ok and when I finish I press F10 to exit. Hmmm.

8. Splash screen: I created a simple movie file in Windows Movie Maker, exported it as wma, converted it to mp4 ( and copied it over to the right folder and selected it in the Retropie folder. However, when it plays there’s no sound. Is that to be expected? (I checked the tutorials on it and there’s no mention of sound, while one guy showing his Chrono Trigger splash screen has audio in it)

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